Euro Meeting 2022

Welcome to Vlaardingen 2020 / 2021 /2022!!
Get ready for the Round Table (1)56 Euromeeting 2022 in Vlaardingen. It is going to be:


From April 28th to May 1st 2022 you will be in the hospitable hands of our local tablers.
Our hometown is a city with a rich maritime history that we would like to show you in the renowned and unique way that is world famous.

If you really love tabling we also have a pretour from 26th- 27th April 2022 for the unique one and only full ORANGE KINGSDAY experience. Experience unprecedented access to this biggest Orange party in the world.

Tickets and costs
The Pretour is on your own cost and based on home hosting (we will go Dutch on you).

The Euromeeting only costs € 356 per person for the whole event, based on home hosting. So bring your wife and your girlfriend! The fee also applies to 40+ and their wives and girlfriends. The more the merrier.
You can come later if you want, but the fee is the same, so stay as long as possible.

Home hosting
Get the full international Round Table experience and get home hosted by our local tablers.
Prefer a hotel? Nothing wrong with that. There are great hotels nearby but you don’t want that, do you!

You can register below in the easy to use form.
For more information or assistance please send us an e-mail at:

All deals are final
In the fine tradition of Ferenginar all deals are final (Ferengi rules of aquisition no. 56). No refunds, no re-imbursements. A go is a go. A man is as good as his word after all.

How do I get there?
By car if you are German, French or Belgian, just type in the address of our Thursday welcoming location and enjoy the ride.

By plane if you live too far away to drive! We have our own airport (really!), but unless you are flying from an oil rig you have to fly on Rotterdam/ the Hague Airport or Amsterdam Schiphol.

From Amsterdam airport take a train to Rotterdam (20 minutes) and then the Hoekse Lijn (another 15 minutes). From there use Google maps to crawl (yes you will be drunk after the flight and the train ride) to the welcoming location.

Flying to Rotterdam? Use public transport from there, take the bus to Rotterdam Central and then the Hoekse Lijn to Vlaardingen centrum (direct line). From there use Google maps to crawl (yes you will be drunk too after the flight and the train ride) to the welcoming location.

For the English: It is post Brexit. GOOD LUCK! But we will provide services to smuggle you in.

YIT RT56 Vlaardingen

Register now! It is the only good table-like thing to do!

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